Gas burners for hobs, professional gas cookers and stock pots made for continuous and heavy-duty use with all types of gas.

Available with spark plug or pilot flame.

Extremely powerful and characterized by a remarkable flame intensity, ARC wok burners are designed to work correctly with all types of gas.
All our wok burners are enriched with a flame stabilization system, protected by an international patent.

ARC manufactures high- quality cast iron grills directly in its Chinese factory for catering and high-end professional and domestic gas ranges. It is also possible to develop projects based on specific customer drawings.
The whole manufacturing and testing process, starting from the casting, is carried out with extreme precision and very high accuracy. The enamel painting is subjected to special quality controls to guarantee the best functional and esthetic result.

ARC designs and manufactures fryer burners with tubes fixed inside the tank that allow high efficiency, higher than the level obtainable with most models that have external lateral burners. 
Made in cast iron for professional use, our burners for fryers are suitable for all types of gas.

Sturdy, reliable, and safe over time, thanks to the high flow rate, the gas taps supplied by ARC are the best solution for equipment intended for professional catering.

All taps comply with strict CE regulations.

ARC offers a range of burners for ovens, fry tops, pots, fryers, pasta cookers, and professional pizza ovens. 
Each burner works correctly with any type of gas and delivers power from 3.5 to 17 kW. If more power is required, the burners can be assembled in batteries of two or more elements.

ARC provides professional gas thermostats with a safety device and pilot flame.
Control capability from 1,0 to 24 kW. Temperature control ranges from 100°C to 190°C or from 140°C to 300°C. They are supplied along with necessary accessories for a perfect installation. 

From safety systems to fittings for various applications, ARC has a wide range of components to meet every need, both standard and customizable. Flexibility and precision allow us to manufacture the highest quality components according to customer specifications, even for small quantities.

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