Production flexibility and consolidated know-how

ARC is the reference point for the design and production of professional burners. We offer a wide range of products already established on the market, obtained with highly efficient processes, and subjected to rigorous quality controls. Since 2016 we have been part of the Sabaf Group (https://www.sabafgroup.com), one of the world's leading manufacturers of mechanical and electronic components for household appliances.

We meet the needs of our customers by customising existing products or developing ad hoc projects with production flexibility that guarantees very short industrialisation times.

The obsessive attention to detail, including materials, that ARC applies to its products makes them a true example of reliability and quality. We offer high-performance solutions suitable for each specific application, from the kitchens of large restaurants to those of our own homes.

If nourishing ourselves is important, then cooking well is essential.


People, our greatest asset

ARC provides its customers with the most advanced and quality technical solutions for the design and production of professional burners, anticipating market needs and making its experience available for new and exciting challenges.

We accompany our partners and resources in a path of shared growth, focusing on the Person with his expectations, skills, and well-being. This attention is reflected in the continuous training programs available to internal staff and the protection of the environment around us.